A weekend along the rocky shores of Oregon is enough to refresh any spirit. The kids pockets often return heavy loaded with sand, but their souls are always lighter. You only have the weekend to hit the coast? Easy, here are our top five favorite places to explore the...

Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Those words ring as the peaks of the Grand Tetons appear. The National Park Service turns 100 today! In celebration, seems fitting to share what I love about my #1 favorite park. Tetons is the first national park both my boys experienced at only m...

The game of life imposes obstacles designed for each individual to conquer. When my wife was six months pregnant with our first son, others told us the blissful days of travel would end. We were determined to not face the fate of stagnant family exploration. Eight year...

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Welcome to Larsens Livin' It Up! I'm Mike. I live in Washington with my wife and two boys. You will often find us taking shots of moose, roasting s'mores in Alaska, or having a lightsaber battle. On this blog I share our world travels, tips to find wildlife, and adventures that make us smile. My goal is to inspire your family to live life to it's fullest! Make your own memories. Get Outside!

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Choose Your Own Kid Adventure!

August 23, 2016

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